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Curtain Wall Laboratory Testing from Conscientious Experts in California

Construction material tests are an integral part of the build process, and one of the many services that our team at Construction Consulting Laboratory West (CCLW) provides is curtain wall laboratory testing. This test is completed utilizing mock-up chaber space for our customers projects at our laboratory facility. During the test, our experienced and well-qualified experts will ensure that the window walls, storefronts and curtain walls comply with AAMA (now FIGA) and ASTM specifications. Specifically, they will be tested for air infiltration, water penetration and static pressure.

We are a full-service testing firm that focuses firmly on delivering an excellent customer experience. In addition to ensuring that you receive reliable results by using the most up-to-date equipment and techniques, we also provide friendly service throughout the testing process. We want to be your go-to source for all of our construction testing needs now and for your future projects, and we are available to discuss your current testing needs today.

Get the Answers You Need Through Window Laboratory Testing

At CCLW, we are an independent lab staffed by industry experts, and we specialize in the testing of glazing and glass products. We maintain up-to-date knowledge about the AAMA (now FIGA), SGCC and IAS specifications, and our window laboratory testing services in California meet established testing standards. Our glass safety services extend to impact glass testing to ensure that we meet all of our clients’ needs.

Your ability to properly serve your clients is based on your ability to build a sturdy, safe and compliant structure. While many standards have been established for glass in construction projects, our services make it easy for you to ensure compliance and to deliver a quality finished product to your clients. To inquire about our laboratory testing services for window glass and other building materials, contact CCLW today.

Laboratory Services:

ASTM E 283 – Air Infiltration Testing
ASTM E 331 – Static Water Penetration Testing
ASTM E 330 – Uniform Structural Deflection Testing

AAMA 501.1 – Dynamic Water Penetration Testing
AAMA 501.4 – Interstory Drift Testing - U.B. Code Seismic Racking
AAMA 501.5 – Thermal Cycle Testing
AAMA 501.7 – Live Load Vertical Deflection Testing

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